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When artists outperformed sales professionals in sales

Sales. Photo credit: Juan ignacio Tapia @ Pixabay
Sales. Photo credit: Juan ignacio Tapia @ Pixabay

Recently I visited the biggest book fair in Finland. As a first-timer, I was surprised how passive the sales professionals were. After all, visitors’ mindset was pretty much optimal to sell books for them.

From a professional point of view I was sad to see companies wasting such a great opportunity to connect with their customers. However, the fair area’s far end corner made my book fair.

In the far end corner was a tiny booth. There a small family company was selling its first book – a biography of a Finnish musician, who also is a father of the guys running the company.

The guys are musicians too, but their energetic selling clarified my thoughts on selling. It also showed that people with absolutely no professional sales experience can sometimes outperform sales pros.

So, why these guys were so successful? Because they:

  • 4th: Had a high quality product by any standard
  • 3rd: Had set the book’s price point extremely well.
  • 2nd: Believed they had a high quality product.
  • 1st: Had a bigger mission than money.

And all this was felt around their booth. The guys loved to be there, visitors loved to be there, and also the other companies close by loved to be there (even they didn’t sell nearly as much).

Now I have a question for you:

What can you do in your every day work, so that your company’s sales professionals feel that they live and breathe those four dimensions, and rock ‘n’ roll just like these artists did?

As we know, it is the sales team, which brings home the dough.

Thanks for reading!

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