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Steal with pride from the best

Steal with price from the best
Photo credit: Unsplash @ Pixabay

I assume that by now many of us have already seen Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Teslas video. It is a brilliant piece of marketing, and as a consumer I now want to have my own Tesla.

On top of the message that Tesla is sending to its potential and current customers (as well as other stakeholders), for me the video also includes another message – one to its competitors:

“Bring it on, we are ready.”

It is always inspiring to see this kind of multilevel communication that the greatest companies do. Another recent example for me is H&M with their 589 Fifth Avenue store in New York City.

When half of the store is literally just air, meaning that the floors fill only half of the premises, I can only admire the self-confidence and the message that H&M is sending to its competitors:

“Bring it on, we are ready.”

Of course the number one priority is always customers. In the end they pay for all the fun that we are having. Yet, it does not exclude sending another message for other selected parties at the same time.

What’s the point of all this? We all see (and feel) what is working well. So, for your next decision take a moment to think, how can you include multilevel communication in it, and steal with pride.

It would be great to see your favorite examples of multilevel communication, so don’t hesitate to share them here. If you have any questions, just drop me a line. My contact details are here.

Thanks for reading!

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